Monday, October 29, 2007

a meme about me

I couldn't think of anything to write about today, mostly because I'm on day three of a migraine. But there was a meme on Alex Year One, and she said instead of tagging people, because it's been around for awhile, she'd just leave it out there for anyone to use. So there you have it.

4 Jobs I have had:

-day camp director
-church youth director
-day care teacher
-framer (picture frames, in a frame shop)

4 Movies I love to watch over and over:

-The Shawshank Redemption
-Office Space
-The Fifth Element

4 TV shows I enjoy watching:

-Battlestar Galactica
-Buffy the Vampire Slayer

4 Places I have been:

-Hell, Michigan
-Paradise, Michigan
(I'm being serious, those are both real towns)
-Paris, France
-Washington, DC

4 Websites I visit daily:

-Baby Center
-Painted Maypole (and then on to many many other bloggers!!)
-Justine Larbalestier's blog (She's a fabby author from Australia who also lives in New York City part time. An amazing writer! Her blogs are lots of fun.)

4 Favorite Foods:

-real European bread, especially baguette
-Irish stew, but it must have lamb and turnips
-Swiss Chocolate

4 Places I would rather be:

(I'm pretty happy here, but since you asked...)

-Michigan, with my family
-Kansas, with my best friend (or better yet, one of the two places below with her!!)
-Rome, because I can't wait to visit there
-Greece, because that's my dream vacation

And that's it. I tag Rose Daughter ('cause I can, hee hee!) and anyone else who wants to steal it. :)


  1. Good meme!

    We have a town called 'Hell' here in Norway, too. Not one called 'Paradise', though. Mmmmm...

    Heidi :)

  2. yay for taking the tag!

    I've been to Hell as well ... Grand Cayman ... but still Hell :)

  3. me, every day. shucks.

    We used to go to Hell all the time... ;) Occasionally big movie deals would come to our town since we were the nearest movie theatre...

  4. buffy rocks.

    you are officially my bff.

  5. I was never really into M*A*S*H, but the other three shows are definitely top-five material for me too. I'd replace M*A*S*H with Angel - it took me awhile to get into that one, but once I was into it, I liked it even better than Buffy.