Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hey, it's me again..


I clicked a link to this blog, after so so so long, and I can't believe how much has changed. The Monkey was so little, just two years old, and last week he started Kindergarten. Boo wasn't even born yet, and now she's two! Back then we were living in Germany, now we're living on Okinawa, Japan.

Maybe no one will even see this, and this is by no means a promise that I'm going to be writing regularly again, but I just had to post a picture of my "updated" family. :)

Me, Boo, the Sergeant, and Monkey, at the Okinawa Aquarium
September 2012


  1. What a lot of changes! Hope you guys are enjoying Japan! Nice to see you online again!

  2. hi you. And... happy birthday (it's still your birthday in the states)

  3. Hi! I've been experience technical difficulties with my feed reader, but it magically sprang back to life tonight. Imagine my surprise to see a new post from you! It was a very happy surprise.

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