Monday, July 7, 2008

Shoulder to the Wheel

The holiday weekend is over...and I have to get my house clean.

I'm not quite sure when it happened.

I mean, I sweep, I wash dishes, I dust.

I clean up after the Little Mister.

When I fold clothes I put them away (or at least in the bedroom they belong in).

But suddenly I looked up and it seems everything is a mess. Everything is somewhere other than where it belongs. There is infant Tylenol in the dining room. There is a pile of empty boxes in the living room. There are candles in the hallway, empty dish soap and fabric softener bottles in the bathroom, and books everywhere.

I think the cats are playing games with me, moving things around when I sleep.

Anyway, starting today I have to get things done. My "to do" list for the week more than covers an entire sheet of notebook paper. I make very detailed makes it look like I have more to do, but I get to cross things off more often. And doesn't everyone just love to cross things off of lists? (Please someone say yes...make me feel less crazy...) ;) Here's just one of my lists:

  • take out trash
  • sweep/mop floor
  • wash/put away dishes
  • clean off counters
  • clean out fridge
  • organize cupboards
  • wash cupboard/drawer fronts
And that's a short one!

So I've got to get busy. But that's okay. My house will be clean!! :)

Wish me luck!

On a completely different note, my grandpa is in the hospital..again. This time it's gall bladder trouble (sound familiar?). Yesterday they did a procedure where they go down through the mouth and stomach to the gall bladder to clean it least that's what I understand from a short phone call to my grandma. The good news is they might not have to do surgery! Any prayers and positive thoughts would be much appreciated..


  1. I love to cross things off lists, too. I usually don't make lists, though, because then I see how much I have to do and feel overwhelmed. Plus, my husband hates it because I assign him all the jobs I don't want to do!

  2. Sending good thoughts for your grandpa.

  3. I hope that ONE list covers more than ONE day!

    Prayers for your Grandpa.

  4. Sending lots of good thoughts to your grandma and grandpa. I think you should add make cookies to your kitchen list - you need something nice after all that work:) When you're finished would you like to visit NJ and do a repeat? Cause I'm sure our cats are in cahoots with yours.

  5. I do lists for the grocery store but that's about it. I do email myself throughout the day while I'm working to help me remember things when I get home (the pregnancy brain is killer).

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa but hooray for no surgery (although that procedure doesn't really sound fun?). I had my gall bladder removed during my last pregnancy ~ gall bladder pain is NOT fun! Poor guy! :(

  6. Lists are good. Especially for husbands. :) I like to be able to hand a list to him and say "Look! Look at all I did today. Pat me on the back, now."

  7. I like to write lists but then include things I've already done, so I can feel productive. ;)

    Prayers and good thoughts to your grandfather.

  8. Oh please come to my house. I can't even get the lists donw once summer is in swing....

  9. P&PTs.

    That's a lot of cleaning for a day. I beak it down. Otherwise I do nothing LOL or feel stressed all day about not getting enough done with the kids around LOL.

    GL and hope it went well!

  10. wow, that's one intense to do list! you need to be "nesting" like me :)

    I agree with your idea about the cats. My cats always bring nails into the house from my husband bucket of nails in the garage. We pick one up and find another five minutes later- RRG!

  11. *sending lots of positive vibes your way*

    Also - good luck with the cleaning. I find all sorts of awful heinous stuff everywhere and wonder how it got there. I currently am staring at a huge container of baby lotion on my dining room table. *sigh*

  12. Sound eerily familiar. I like lists too for the same reason. My problem is that I lose the lists I make.

    Sending ((hugs)) for grandpa.

  13. I also do better with lists. And I like to write down things even after I did them so I have something to cross off.
    I have been SO far being in blogging and just took some time to catch up. Your little guy is getting SO BIG. No matter what the stats say. Ucky about the immunizations, those are the worst.

  14. Hope you got a lot accomplished today.

    Hope your grandfather is okay too!

    Take care - Kellan

  15. My thoughts are with your grandfather.

    I totally get the crossing things off the list. You get a feeling you actually accomplished something if you can point to things you crossed off.

    Our house is also a disaster but unlike you I know exactly why...because we are slobs and cleaning just something we can't whip up a passion for. I really think the four feline borders should earn their keep and clean up occasionally.

  16. Many prayers and good thoughts for your grandpa.

    Organizing stuff and (especially) giving stuff away always makes me feel so much better.

  17. When I was in college, I would exercise to deal with academic stress and clean to deal with emotional stress. I haven't had a good clean in a while. Maybe that's my problem.

    And my cat and dog are definitely the main culprits in my house. Z's fur covered shirts (from crawling) prove that.

    Good thoughts and prayers to your grandpa.

  18. I (heart) lists. I (don't heart) doing the things on the lists. =)

    Hope grandpa is doing better.

  19. I love crossing things off lists, it makes me feel so productive!

    Hope your grandfather is feeling better after his procedure (the only thing I can come up with is a stent :))

  20. Sorry to hear about your grandpa. Hope he is ok.

    I put ridiculously small things on my to do list, otherwise they don't get done or I do them, but forget how many of them were done and get frustrated that the bigger tasks remained untouched. And I remember to put fun things on my list as well (like checking the blog feeds) :-)

  21. Hope your grandfather is doing okay now. Do you find that the chores get done easier when the husband isn't home though? I know I will tear through the house looking for things to do...he comes home and doesn't know where a single thing is anymore. LOL