Saturday, October 25, 2008


forgot my haiku
left at the checkout counter
I'm sorry, Friday.

* * * * *

Yesterday was a pretty normal, busy day (aside from a very VERY V-E-R-Y big and disgusting mess the Little Mister made that I will not explain because I never ever want to think about it again and I didn't even have the proper cleaning materials to clean it up so we had to go shopping and then I had to burn candles to get the smell of disinfectant out my living room and that didn't even work so it still smells but I don't want to talk about it) (*deep breath*) in the Dragonfly household. I did laundry, cleaned in the kitchen, cuddled with my boy, and, after the boy went to bed, I watched a bit of How I Met Your Mother. I was debating between a haiku about chocolate milk (the Little Mister had his first taste this week, and he sure did love it!) and kittens (for three days this week our neighbors were out of town so we were on kitten-sitting duty, and for some reason those kittens let him do whatever they want to them. He carries them around by whatever body part he can catch...and they don't care at all!). But somewhere in the normal craziness of the day I forgot all about my haiku.

So..this is my very own edition of Haiku Saturday.


For Haiku here. :)


  1. Kittens! I love kittens! Where are the pictures?? :)

  2. dude. don't get him started on chocolate milk. he'll never let you go back!

  3. A haiku about chocolate milk!?! I want to read one of those!!