Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Topics of the Day


Okay, I know syrup absolutely does not qualify as a blog topic. Please bear with me while I try to justify it.

The Little Mister has a waffle for breakfast nearly every morning. Usually with fruit, and sometimes with cheese, but almost always a waffle. What can I say, the kid likes his waffles...and I don't mind so much, because at least I buy the whole grain kind, right?

Anyway, this morning I was trying to stay on my feet while waiting for the waffle to pop from the toaster (both the Little Mister and I have nasty colds going on, so staying on my feet is actually a rather difficult task) and while I stood and swayed I distracted myself by looking at the nutrition info on the back of the syrup bottle.

I have to say I was a bit surprised when I saw that there are 31 grams of sugar in a serving of syrup. I mean, okay, I know syrup is basically sugar, but still. But then I looked at the serving size. A quarter of a cup.

A quarter of a cup??

Does anyone put that much syrup on a waffle? Six pancakes, perhaps. But a waffle?? I've never actually measured, but my guess is the Little Mister gets about a teaspoon (or less) of syrup on his daily waffle. I feel quite a bit better about his sugar intake now.

And me? Even when I have two or three pancakes, I'd guess I use about two tablespoons of syrup. Am I in the minority? Is a quarter of a cup a normal serving size? (note: 4 tablespoons = 1/4 cup)

My Polite Little Boy

I realized something yesterday: the Little Mister says thank you! When I give him something - especially food, but also things like books and toys - he says "tay-tay". Now that I recognize the word as thank you I always say "you're welcome" back to him, and he smiles so proudly every time I do. I just love it! Now if only I could teach his daddy to say thank you...

(Just kidding, honey. I love you!!!) ;)

Little Bills Fan

Look what the Sergent sent for the Little Mister! (translation: Look what the Sergeant sent for ME!!!!) Right now, of course, he's only a Bills fan 'cause his mommy's a Bills fan (and, believe it or not, his daddy doesn't like football!)...but soon enough I'll brainwash him teach him all about football and about the Buffalo Bills and he'll cheer for them on his own. ;)


  1. What a nice little boy you have! He looks so cute in his little jersey!

  2. Aww. What a sweet little! Saying thank you without even being asked? That's awesome!

    And no. I do not use anywhere near that much syrup. :)

  3. He's so cute in his bills' jersey. :-)

  4. A quarter of a cup? I definitely don't use that much and neither do the boys. I buy 100% pure maple syrup and a little bit goes a LONG way!

    So cute that he's saying thank you :)

  5. Apparently we're using, here at our house, the syrup no one else is. We pour rather than drizzle...what can I say?

    He is so ridiculously cute, and getting so big!

  6. How is it that he gets exponentially cuter each time? And he was awfully cute to start with. I love syrup. I'm not sure how much I use, but too much, I'm sure. Zo loves pancake without syrup (for now), so that's good. And I love the "tay tay." We always say "thank you" when Zo hands us something, so I'm hoping she'll pick up on it someday.

  7. Here's my maple syrup horror story. When I was a kid, I poured some syrup (probably way more than 1/4 cup) onto my pancakes. And found it contained a perfectly-formed, crystallized centipede.

    I don't think I ever used maple syrup again.

  8. MQ eats waffles nearly every morning, too!

  9. Wow - that's a LOT of syrup. And no, I don't use that much.

    But your son is gorgeous! Then again, you already knew that.

  10. I remember when Kiddo started saying thank you! It's so precious. His version is more like "tink oo"

  11. I'm sure on 2 or 3 big pancakes I eat more than 1/4 cup of syrup.

    Why is it that when there's a couple where the woman actually likes football, the man doesn't?

    Very good to learn politeness when young!

  12. Glad to see that you've remembered your liquid measurements. :) I knew I taught you something all those years.