Sunday, November 9, 2008

Three cheers from the sick house!

Okay, this is actually us watching the Bills game tonight. And it's blurry because I had to use the timer. And right now there isn't much to cheer about, because it's 10-3, New England. But unlike my dad (the pessimistic lifetime Lions fan, who has faith during every game that they'll find a way to lose) I have hope that my boys can find a win. And, if not, we'll be cheering again next week. (Probably not watching though. It's a Monday night game, which means it starts here at 2:30 Tuesday morning. So cheering in our dreams, I guess.)

But this really is a sick house. This week has been rough. Monday I went to the clinic...I have a sinus infection. I'm feeling much better, almost back to normal. Still headachey, but that's not so bad.

The Little Mister, This is really the first time he's ever been sick, and I guess he figured he'd do it right the first time. Remember the picture I posted Tuesday, of him crying and encouraging everyone to vote? Apparently those tears weren't just from his incoming molar (which popped through Tuesday evening, by the way). Wednesday morning he wouldn't eat or drink, so I took him to the clinic in the early afternoon.

He has two ear infections.

He has a minor bacterial infection in his eyes.

He has bronchitis.

My poor baby! After 24 hours on medicine he was mostly back to himself. Now his eyes look fine, and his breathing sounds normal most of the time. He's still more cranky than usual, but I'm hoping my happy baby will come back when the pain in his ears goes away. And I'm really hoping that's soon...

I don't like living in a sick house!


  1. Poor thing--or 'things', I should say, with both you and your little one under the weather! Glad you are on the mend!

    Thanks for your kind wishes for 4 of 8--she's had a bit of a rough go of it--lots of pain and swelling last night and nasty reactions to pain meds--but has been able to keep down some food and is presently playing video games--always a good sign!

  2. Ear infections are the worst! I hope you both feel better soon!

  3. Poor little mister...and mom.It's been a rough 3-4 days. I rember you being that sick. I think it harder on mom then on the little sick one.
    I wish I could hold and hug the little mister and try to make him feel better with crazy grandma hugs. But for now I guess I have to send them via the computer.
    Just know you are both loved and hugged.

  4. Little mister, you quit giving your momma such a hard time! And both of you get better quick!

  5. Poor little fella! I hope that his medicine kicks in right away and he's feeling better soon.

  6. Well you guys sure don't LOOk sick! But I hope you feel better soon!!

  7. There's nothing more pathetic than a sick baby... Hope he feels better soon.

  8. Ugh. Poor sick boy!

    Hope he's feeling better quickly.

  9. So sorry you've been sick! That's the worst.

    We've had all sorts of sick going around in our house too the last couple weeks. Ugh.

    Let's hope for better days ahead for both of us!

  10. Wow you guys know how to get sick but good. Here's to good drugs *chink*
    Oh, and that photo? Blurry or no, that's a keeper.

  11. Apparently there is "sick" in every country now. Everyone in our house are varying degrees of sick. And guess who is the worst?

    I'm glad your house is improving and hope it's WELL very soon! Nothing worse--especially when you're doing single mom duty.

  12. even sick, though, he knows to look at the camera! ;)

  13. amazing that your all the way across the ocean but yet last week we had the SAME thing in this house!

    hope hes healthy soon and for a while!

  14. Wow, poor Little Mister. It's like he had a menu of illnesses to choose from and couldn't decide so he took them all! Poor you!