Thursday, March 27, 2008

belgian holiday, day two

We stayed in Antwerp overnight, and the next morning we headed for home....with a detour. Not long after we visited Luxembourg, I found out that Bastogne isn't too far away from where we were. We've seen Band of Brothers five or six times; I went to Normandy with my family and some friends when I was in high school, and last week we went to Bastogne. We're actually hoping for a visit to the Eagle's Nest before we leave Europe...

a tank damaged during World War II,
part of a memorial in the main square of Bastogne

a church...sorry I don't remember the name :)

This is Mardasson, a memorial to the U.S. soldiers
who fought in the Battle of the Bulge.
I found an areal photo online,
because looking at it straight on doesn't show the cool star shape. :)

This is one the Sergeant took.
Pretty...but kind of hard to tell what it really looks like.

Up on the top of the monument,
on one of the points of the star,
the Little Mister examining a map of the area.

Me and my little guy...

Bastogne, the city...

...and the countryside.

The Little Mister..."yay!"


  1. Awww, that last picture...priceless!!

  2. Oooh thanks for more great pics! The one of you holding your lil Mister is the best ~ you look so happy (and not sick!) :)

  3. Oh- I love the pictures! The last one of Little Mister- definitely a *keeper*! : )

  4. Such great shots. It's so cool that you can get to all those places so quickly. One of the positives of being posted abroad.

  5. Ooh, what fun. Keep getting more pics of you and the little guy! (When hubby is gone you might not get so many!)

  6. i just love the way you are cuddling into the little mister!

  7. little mister is so cute! looks like a great time.

    Running on empty

  8. Looks like such a good time. Great photos.

  9. How fortunate to live near so much beauty.

  10. I adore that last photo -- the colors, the composition, the cuteness...

  11. You saved the best picture for last because what can compare with that face? I am deeply jealous of you being able to visit all those cool places. Thank you for sharing the pictures - we will live vicariously through you:)

  12. wow amazing photos- especially of Little Mister- he's so cute and happy!

  13. Those are fabulous pics. It makes me want to go. My hubby is a HUGE history buff, and would love to go there.

  14. beautiful pictures! I love band of brothers... always makes me cry.

    Little mister certainly is a cutie!

  15. Ooooo!! This is on my list of places I want to go!! How exciting to seeing your pics tonight!

    Lil Mister is toooo sweet, btw.