Friday, August 29, 2008

haiku friday - missing

once upon a time
everything I touched turned to
endless poetry.

I'd wake in the night,
poem at my fingertips,
begging for a page.

on a walk I'd see
an ant, the wind, something sweet -
poems everywhere.

but now they are gone.
not writer's block, it's a drought.
why have they left me?

a hole deep inside,
right where the poems belong...
full of tears instead.

(So, of course, I write a poem about not being able to write poems. Go figure.)

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  1. And a great poem it is. I'm not sure it was the poetry that left you but the feelings from nature that you miss -- wonder of life through young eyes. (I love your header picture by the way. It says a lot about you.)

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, I added your link back on multiple times yesterday but with each change I lost everything again. I just added it again but I wont be losing it as I am so not letting my widgets get deleted away. Ever...that is work!

  3. I'm right there with you. I am going through a bit of a dry spell myself. Hence the "Revisited" post up at my place.

    Hoping your writer's sense and mine meet up in the trees somewhere, in the quaking leaves, and convince one another to return to us.

    BTW-Thank you so much for popping over to Collecting Raindrops with such predictability. It really does warm my heart to see your name in my inbox.

  4. Go figure. Just when you think you can't write...your not being able to write helps you -- to write.

  5. i was gonna say it seemed the poetry was still there...

    hope your poetry muse returns.

  6. Haiku's make it a little easier......I hope they flow for you again very soon.

  7. Based on this, I'd say you've still got it, even if sometimes it kind of hides under other stuff in your head (or something - that's my theory for mine). A writing teacher once told my class to just keep writing. Glad you are doing that. It will return, I bet.

  8. I used to write poems, too. They went away for more than a decade, and now they slowly creep back. Like faith, it waxes and it wanes.

  9. Life gets busy... It's hard to slow down for the things that we used to love...

  10. Hope you find your muse again soon!

  11. I have pretty much the exact same problem and it's been almost 4 years since I turned out a decent poem. I hope you find inspiration soon.

  12. It's genious! Love the new picture by the way, well it probably isn't new by now but i've been so busy and rubbish for so long I haven't done any blogging ... however I have made up for it now with a nice long post and I fully intend to spend the next hour perousing everyones sites to catch up!

  13. Hey I am impressed you can write poems at that arena I have ZERO talent!

  14. Lovely poem - I used to write them but haven't in a long time. Being alone sure does give you time to think, doesn't it??

  15. Your poem is beautiful, and if there were anything I could do to help fill up the hole, I would. I cannot imagine how tough things are sometimes right now.

    But your humor at the end tells me you look on the bright side most of the time. That will get you through it.

  16. Wow, have you ever tried to write about NOT winning the lottery before....?

  17. Oh, this is gorgeous. Simply beautiful.

  18. I'm with Valarie-- how could something so lovely be declaring you can't write? You're just suffering Mommy exhaustion. It passes (I hope, I'm still waiting) :-)