Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What happened to my brain?

I can't put a coherent post together. Actually, I'm having a difficult time writing anything at all that makes sense - a few days ago I couldn't even figure out my own shopping list. (And I have a feeling the Sergeant is going to read the letters I've been sending the past few days and think "Was she half asleep when she wrote these?" Sorry honey..) I have several drafts of posts saved, but right now they all look like rambling rambles of Rambledonia.

I have several theories:
  • extreme lack of sleep
  • migraines EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • lack of adult conversation
  • weather changing from hot (80s) and sunny to cold (60s) and rainy literally overnight
  • Olympic fever
  • all of the above
At any rate, my brain is dysfunctional. I've been typing this post that says absolutely nothing for about half an hour now. (Of course, part of that could be the child attacking my feet and the cat attacking my head.)

In other news...the Little Mister has a molar. At 14 months old. Is that weird? It seems weird to me, but since he's my first child I don't really have a reference point. And it's on the top...don't they usually start on the bottom? I'm not at all worried, it just seems odd...but maybe I'm just crazy. At least now I know why he's been fussier than usual for the past week.

(See what I mean about the rambling?)

I'm going to stop now. This is just getting silly. Hopefully soon my brain will work again.


  1. Maybe it's the time of the year. My draft page is full. Nothing worth anything. For me part of it is NO TIME SINCE SCHOOL started.

    But the molar? Teeth have their own ideas and time frames. My daughters didn't have ANY teeth until 12 months. 2nd one was 13 months before the 2 little bottom front teeth. And she only has 19 teeth--2 of them came in together as one.

    Get some sleep!

  2. Dark chocolate...that is my prescription. It fixes pretty much anything wrong with my brain...or it lulls me into believing it does anyway

  3. sometimes even brains need vacations!

    wow- a molar- that does seem soon!

  4. Both of my kids got their molars early like that. I asked the dentist and he said that when they start getting molars it is time to start brushing with non-floride toothpaste.

    Hope your brain comes back soon! Get out of the house and have a cup of coffee with a friend or something.

  5. I think you just a case of, what I affectionatley refer to, "Mom Brain!" Welcome to the club sweetie! And about the tooth, every kid is different. My 1st had 1 tooth at her first second had 14 (yes 14!) by his birthday. Believe me, I was mor than happy to wean him when his birthday rolled around :) LOL

  6. I've been in the same sort of mood all week. That is why I only put up a Wordless Wednesday post so far this week. I just can't think properly.
    I hope your migranes disappear. They are so awful.
    My Tommy had a full set of teeth (including molars) by the time he was 13 months. That was weird. The other boys took a bit longer but Ben has all his teeth now and he is 18 months.

  7. Wait until you hit menopause age... believe me... this is just preparation.

  8. You sound like me! Only I blame it on the babies sucking my "brain juice" :)

  9. I know that my Girl didn't get a single tooth until she was 12 months old. We thought she might need dentures.
    Migraines SUCK!

  10. I feel your pain with the migraines and weird weather. This morning it was 11 degrees celsius! In August. That is more like October weather. With all this weather change I have been suffering with migraines too:(

  11. My kids were late teethers, but the first set of molars definitely is due in the first 18 months or so.

  12. I can't write posts when my kids are up either...too much distraction. And I don't even have a cat!

  13. Oh... living in a cloud of fuzz! I know that feeling... a constant headache definitely stops your brain from working.

    Oh and he would just be getting his "one-year-old molars". Our kids got them all at about 12 months.

    Ruth xx

  14. I know what fuzzy brain is, too, so don't worry! I can't remember anything about molars, but I know L. got a lot of teeth in before he was a year old, and I suspect one of them was a molar.

  15. migraines every day? that totally sucks.

    hope that gets better soon.

  16. I have that too... the dysfunctional brain thing. I often find myself just roaming around the store... even with a list. I blame the little ones!

    Hope your back to "normal" soon.

  17. I think the dysfunctional brain has more to do with being the mom of a 14 month old than anything else. :) My 14 month old just had her 4th molar come in. It's not odd at all.

  18. Awww...I love the picture! He's such a cutie!

    And I think it's lack of adult contact because I went to a mom's meet last night and felt like I'd been hit with the stupid stick. LOL (And mine has been back for a few days!)

  19. Migrains every day? Oh, sweetheart, that alone...

    I hope you're able to get some rest, adult conversation and some good drugs from your doctor. ;)

  20. Oh, sorry about the migraines. I hope they are better by now since it's now almost a week later. LOVE the picture.