Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life Happens

My break from the internet wasn't planned.

The Little Mister learned how to climb onto the couch, and now it's his favorite place. He also learned how to turn off Mommy's computer, and that seems to be his new favorite game.

So...the computer is mostly put away these days, and turned off. And when I do get a little time to myself, I've been a bit busy, a bit distracted. Here's what's been going on in the Dragonfly house:
  • I've been finding lots of great books at the library, and today I got FIVE new books in the mail! (Ahh, the joy of Amazon, bringing books right to me even in Germany..) Lots of reading happening; it's lovely to just lose myself in a good book for a few hours.
  • The Little Mister is more mobile, so the mess in the house is suddenly more widespread. Cleaning abounds.
  • My migraines are suddenly almost under control (woo hoo!) so I can cross-stitch again. I'm working on two big products, and in the past week I've made considerable progress.
  • Our upstairs neighbors have TWO new kittens! The Little Mister and I like to go up and visit..he plays with the little girl and the kitten, and I get to have adult conversation with my friend. :)
  • My newest obsession: Heroes. I got the first two seasons on dvd for my birthday, and before this I'd only seen the first few episodes (I moved here to Germany just after the first season started and I never got the chance to catch up). So far I've watched the first season and the first two episodes of the second season, and I've been completely sucked in. I like that some of the characters are so hard to figure out...good guy, bad guy, victim of circumstance.... I'm fascinated by Sylar. And I'm quite jealous of all you in the States who can watch new episodes..who knows when I'll get to see season three.
  • And when the Little Mister is awake, we've had some excellent play time. Just a few days ago he learned where his nose is! (Okay, perhaps I'm a bit too excited about that, but I'm entitled, right?)
So...the blogging break was unexpected...but good.

What's been taking up your time these days?


  1. Amazon is a terrible place...they make it too easy to spend lots and lots of money! Welcome to the addiction that is Heroes, it's almost as bad as Lost. I love the idea of the Little Mister monitoring your internet access!

  2. I just love starting on new books! It's one of life's great pleasures. Glad your migraines are getting better too!

  3. Glad to see you back! Personally, I think there is not much better than a box of new books arriving at your front door. Ahhhhh ~ heaven!

    Not much new this way ~ forever on my quest to take a nap and not pull a muscle in my back (not necessarily in that order).

  4. It sounds like a fantastic use of time to me I am so envious,I love nothin gmore than getting into a brilliant book. I feel as if I haven't had time to breathe recently, buying a flat, moving in, work as manic as ever and having lots of visitors!!!!!!! I wouldn't change any of it though, would you? ;)

  5. LOL....it's one of those little ironies, you can't wait for the kiddos to reach milestones and then wish they'd have stayed immobile just a bit longer.

  6. Sounds like a lovely break. Glad you were able to enjoy yourself. :)

  7. oh, if only I could figure out how to record things from my DVR to a DVD, I'd send you the new Heroes episodes, but I can't figure out how to do it! since we got HD and the DVR I can't seem to record onto any other medium. arg!

  8. Heroes is fabulous! I just watched the Season 3 Season Opener and it will be well worth the wait. Pay close attention though. A lot of things that happened in the first two seasons will be referenced in Season 3.

  9. The school year sucks my life dry. BUT... I hope you post some pictures of the cross-stitch eventually!

    And I love the whole reading thing and the kitten thing (and adult conversation!)

    Breaks are good.

  10. So glad you liked the princess school uniform--gotta dress for your position, right?

    Love this post--and I'm eying your bookshelf with interest--love me a great book!

    Okay, blogger spell checked my 'eying'--but that still looks odd...eyeing...eying...eyeing...eying...it's a mystery....


  11. Blogging breaks are just fine!

    HOW do you find time to lose yourself in a good book for HOURS??!! I've barely picked up a book at all in the past two years. Is there a secret I haven't learned yet?

    I just realized yesterday that I never sent you a postcard back as I had promised to. I am so bad about mailing things. A friend's birthday was in early August, and I just bought her a card YESTERDAY.

    Sooner or later, I will send you a postcard. Most likely later.

  12. Books are evil and so is Amazon :-). In the last two weeks I spent most of my free time reading (actually I can't blame Amazon for that - my library is now connected to many others so all of the sudden I'm able to find most of the books I want to read).

    I agree with your excitement about Little M. discovering his nose. Soon he'll be able to do the action rhymes - and that's lots of fun for everyone. My daughter wants to read & act out Wheels on the Bus numerous times everyday.

  13. once they are mobile its a whole new game isnt it!

    good luck keeping up with him and enjoy reading. there nothing like quiet time with a good book.

  14. Everyone needs a good break now and again :) I've been busy with the kids, of course, with the dogs and horse, and with everything under the sun. Unfortunately, I have no time to read. That bums me to no end!!! But less than three months and hubs will be home and I can read again!!!

  15. I'm glad things are going well for you and that you have time to read good books! I'm impressed - I can hardly find time to read anything (including blogs)!

  16. A break is a lovely thing. Glad you enjoyed it!