Monday, September 29, 2008

Yesterday by the Numbers

in the afternoon...

trips to the park: 1
moms on the trip: 2
kids on the trip: 4
directions four kids can go all at once: approximately 27

slides slid by the Little Mister: 2
slides slid without crying: 1
slides enjoyed: 0

steps the Little Mister climbed: 8
picnic tables he climbed: 4
fallen logs he climbed: 2
people he climbed: 3

hours spent at the park: 2.5
distance walked/crawled/climbed/slid: far enough that we were all exhausted when we left!

pictures taken: 150 (and no, that is no exaggeration..)

and then after dinner...

trips to the movies: 1
people I took with me to see The Dark Knight: ZERO!!

(Oh the joy of being able to see a movie that isn't made for kids! To spend a few hours with no responsibilities!)

times I thanked my friend and her kids for watching the Little Mister for me: too many to count

and later last night...

football games watched: 1
points scored by the Bills: 31
points scored by the Rams: 14
times I cheered out loud for the Bills: again, too many to count
time I finally got to bed: 2:00 am

and today's big number...

new molars poking through: TWO!!


  1. Love this post. What an exciting day at the park! Two teeth, congrats.

  2. This was a brilliant idea for a post- I love it! He doesn't like the slides?!? Lol, I am still wondering about the people he climbed though :) Hope you got a picture of that!

  3. crazygrandmajudi@yahoo.comSeptember 29, 2008 at 11:26 PM

    Two molars, way to go little mister. crazy grandm judi misses you!

  4. Wow! That is one full day. Can't blame the little mister. I don't like slide either.

  5. I thought of you today. We decorated our porches with thee giant corn stalks and guess what? Dragon flies love corn stalks. We have three who have been hovering around all day. They are quite lovely and seem just to want to be near the stalks. It was a wonderful moment...quick go get some corn....

  6. That is a very busy day. I'm assuming the molars weren't yours.

  7. What a very fun post! I'm so happy for you about the movie. I have yet to see it.

    I loved the "slide" part.

  8. That was a great summary on the day! Very creative.
    Did you like Dark Knight? I still haven't seen it. For shame! ;)

  9. I love this idea for a post. I might have to "borrow" it!

    It sounds like you and I had a similar idea for the day, wear, wear, wear them out. And it worked mawhaaahaa!

  10. HURRAY for new molars breaking through. For trips to the movies alone. For 2.5 hours at the park. For good friends and adorable little boys. You are blessed.