Sunday, September 7, 2008

Watch Me Grow!

November 6, 2007
Five Months Old

February 6, 2008
Eight Months Old

September 6, 2008
Fifteen Months Old

It's getting a bit more difficult to keep him sitting on the futon. I think I spent more time putting him back between the animals than actually taking pictures! :)

One of these days I'll write a post with more words than pictures. Really! Maybe even tomorrow! ;)


  1. What a cute way to measure growth! And the moving around is just part of it!

  2. He has gotten so big. Little people grow up to fast.

  3. aww- that's a cute way to measure growth! He has really big stuffed animals!

  4. I love these pictures!!! Elmo is getting kind of small in comparison...

  5. His hair is getting so long! And Elmo's getting short!

  6. Ah! The toys are shrinking!

    He is such a cutie pie.

  7. Oh, I love babies, thanks for posting this. He's a little doll. And him putting his pacifer in your mouth? Oh, he will be a good husband and partner, I think.

    I was about to post and suggest, given your inate ability, that you think about writing seriously. Then I came upon the poem post. And now I will just say, it's a great career for a mother. You can ramp it up, scale it back, set your own hours...think about it!

    And reading your articulate blog makes me even happier that you liked my book. Thanks so much for writing with such kind words. Sacred Scars will be out next summer. I am in the home stretch of writing it now.

    My best to your family,

  8. I love these pics! What a fun way to document his growth! I wonder if he will cooperate with these pics when he is 16. ;)

    He is SUCH a cutie!!!

  9. So cute. I love the way you memorialize his growth, such great friends! Next picture should just be a blur that was once the Little Mister, now that he has learned to walk!

  10. He's streeeeeetching out, that's for sure!

  11. Isn't it incredible how fast they grow and how soon one forgets how small they used to be.