Saturday, May 17, 2008

A little vent...for stress-relieving purposes

I need to know if I'm crazy, if I'm the only person on the planet who thinks this way.

If you tell someone you can do something for them - a BIG something - and then it turns out you can't, you'd tell them.....right? As soon as you found out you couldn't do it, you'd call, or knock on their door, or whatever.....right?

Let me explain.

Tuesday the Little Mister and I are flying to Michigan. (woo-hoo!) My friend Shelby was going to drive us to the airport, but she got a last minute flight to the States for her best friend's wedding. I knew this was a possibility, so last Tuesday I asked my neighbors if they could drive us if she happened to get a flight.

"Sure," they said. "Not a problem. Just let us know by the weekend, so we know we have to plan around it."

I was quite relieved. Most of my friends here are gone right now (visiting family back home) and when Shelby decided just last week to fly home if she could...well, I was happy for her, but more than a bit worried for me. There was a weight off my shoulders when my neighbors agreed to drive us.

Thursday afternoon I got an email from Shelby telling me she'd made it to the States, and yesterday morning I saw my neighbor. "Shelby got a flight," I told her. "So I do need a ride Tuesday morning."

"Oh, Tuesday?" she said, sounding surprised, even though we'd gone over this just a few days before. "We can't do it Tuesday."

I was dumbfounded.

I cannot tell you how much stress was heaped on me in that moment. I got an instant migraine, and it still hasn't gone away. A transatlantic flight with an 11 month old is stressful enough, especially when I have to figure out how to pack for the two of us for nearly a month...and now I suddenly don't have a ride to the airport. I still don't. The last resort is a shuttle service that will cost me a fortune, but I'm still trying to figure something else out. Grr.

So that brings me back to the beginning. Am I crazy for thinking that if you find out you can't give someone a ride to the airport you should probably let her know as soon as possible so she can find something else??

I'm not exactly coherent right now, what with the frustration and the stress and the migraine pounding behind my eyes. But writing it down makes me feel a tiny bit better. And if you tell me I'm not crazy it'll help even more. :)


  1. The inconsiderateness of some people never ceases to amaze me. The commitment obviously means nothing to them that they can blow you off so easily. I hope a friendly angel swoops in and takes you to the airport so you're not at the mercy of the shuttle.

  2. Your neighbors are EVIL. Of course they should have told you! Still, I hope the trip home is AWESOME!

  3. You are crazy, but for completely different reasons. ;) I'm sorry your neighbors bailed. That is completely inconciderate for not letting you know as soon as possible. I'd take you tuesday morning (I'd even cancel my dentist apointment just for you!) but I don't think I could drive there in time. Or across the ocean. I don't think my car would like that. But just know that we're thinking of you!!

  4. Of course you are not crazy, and I wish I could say that I have not had this experience myself and have not known countless other military spouses in the same situation. The thoughtlessness of people never ceases to astound me. And piss me off.
    I do suggest you go to your hubby's commander/spousal support and plead your sob story. That's what they're supposed to be there for, and it's not like you waited until the last minute and didn't already try to take care of it yourself. And good luck.

  5. Well, the good news is that you have one less souvenir to buy.

    The bad news: your neighbour is RUDE! Very RUDE. She doesn't deserve a souvenir.

    I hope something works out. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  6. oh thats horrible! my heart really goes out to you. i hope you figure it out with the least amount of stress.

    i have a lot of respect for military mamas like you. parenting solo in another country. i stand in awe of you my dear. AWE I TELL YOU!

  7. you're not crazy. the neighbor made have made an honest mistake about the days, but you think they would be REALLY sorry about it "Oh, crap, I had my days confused and I'm SO sorry, but I can't do Tuesday. Have you thought about asking X, maybe they could help" That's a reasonable response. Not what they did, Grrr....

  8.'re in MICHIGAN??? Anywhere close??? How fun!!

  9. You're not crazy!!!

    If I lived in Germany, I would give you a ride to the airport. My Tuesday is quite free.

    Unfortunately I live nowhere near Germany, or even Michigan...although if I did live in Michigan, I would want to come meet you!

    I've got the best intentions here, really I do...

  10. I'm with Maypole, it seems like an honest mistake (one I do all the time) getting the days mixed up, but I know if it were me I'd be extremely apologetic at least. Hope it works out for you, and the flight goes well.

  11. Thank you all for telling me I'm not crazy. And yes, I know it was probably an honest mistake. But to just say, "Tuesday? We can't do it Tuesday" and then walk to your apartment without saying another word...That's pretty much what got me.


  12. Oh it's tough. I can see both sides. Just this past week I told a neighbor I'd watch her dog and would come get the key after nap the day before. Well one thing to another, and I did not get over there, so she taped a note and key to my door. I feel HORRID and am falling over myself to apologize.

    I suppose that's the part that gets you---didn't seem sorry.

    That is frustrating and leaves you in a bind and annoyed.

    But it's happens so often, two unconnected parts of life colliding at the same time.

  13. You aren't crazy at all. Your neighbors however, are RUDE and INCONSIDERATE.

  14. argh, I won't be home until Thursday, so I can't help you out. But, I WILL pick you up and bring you home if you need it; you just let me know when and Katy and I will be there!

  15. You're not crazy for getting so angry. I hope you don't have to pay a fortune for the shuttle and that some day soon, someone promises your neighbor a favor and then does not follow through. Then they will understand. Have a wonderful trip home!

  16. Maybe she was just hoping it would work itself out and she would get credit for just offering. I would drive you. I'll come pick you up and then you won't have to worry. It will work out. These things usually do.

  17. What a tough spot. I hope your neighbor at least gives it some thought and apologizes to you. My fingers are crossed that this will all work out for you.