Monday, May 19, 2008

Signing off for a couple days...

My computer is keeping me from my I need to shut it down and put it away. :) So much to do, so little time..

Anyway, I'll be back sometime after I get to my parents' house, likely Wednesday or so. My Google Reader will be packed (after I've finally gotten it down under 50!!) but oh well. I'll have something to read while I'm recovering from jet lag, right?


from the Little Mister's last flight
Detroit to Frankfurt
October 15, 2007


  1. Hope the flight is OK. They are a LOT harder to fly with at this age.

  2. Have a great visit. Can't wait to hear about the flight.

  3. Is it horrible that my google reader only has 20 blogs on it? I feel bad -- like I'm playing favourites, but otherwise I just get overwhelmed and just start speaking in captcha-ese.