Monday, May 5, 2008

The World Still Turns..

When we last left off, Dragonfly was beginning life as a single mom while the Sergeant was beginning his second tour in the Middle East. The plan was to fight hysteria with busyness...

Dragonfly and the Little Mister certainly have been busy. Shelby (so named because she has a Mustang) and the Twins (who will eventually have nicknames...right now they are creatively called either "the Twins" or "Girl" and "Boy") kept them hopping, getting the Twins registered for school, driving to doctor appointments, the post office, the commissary, getting Shelby her license to drive in Germany, arranging for cable, internet and phone services, arranging for their things back in the States to be packed up and shipped here, doing some random driving-around-to-see-the-area, and finally, today, picking up Shelby's car. Whew.

They also had a princess birthday party (for a neighbor; the Little Mister was the only boy there, but he didn't seem to mind), a pirates and princesses party on post, an ice cream social at a park, and other random outings. The Little Mister had his first experience with grass (which he wasn't quite sure about), and dirt (which he met up close and personal with his forehead after falling about ten inches off a playground truck...and he didn't even care), and ice cream cones (not ice cream, but he sure enjoyed the cone!). In less than a month he went through a phase where he would only eat what he could feed himself, and then another phase where he would only eat things Dragonfly spoon-fed to him.

Dragonfly kept busy at home reading, and writing, and stitching (she likes to cross-stitch and is currently working on two large projects - one is 40,800 stitches and the other is 63,000 stitches). She did laundry, and dishes, and dusting. She did everything but think, and it was good. She even laughed.

And then she got sick.

Who gets the flu five months after getting a flu shot? And in May? Dragonfly, apparently. And it was the worst flu she's ever had. We won't go into details, but it wasn't pretty. She learned how hard it is to be a mom while fighting the flu. There were times she was so weak she couldn't even lift the Little Mister. He tried to help her out by offering his pacifier (but thankfully his aim isn't the greatest yet, since she didn't want to get him sick too!), which made her feel happy...but not healthy. She is finally feeling like herself, after many days of feeling like a mummy instead of a Mommy.


The Sergeant was in Kuwait, for training and getting acclimated to the heat and sand. And now he's in Iraq, where he'll be for awhile..

This has been my not-very-creative attempt at this week's Monday Mission: to write a post in the style of a soap opera update, starting with the words "When we last left off..." I figured an update was a good idea, since I haven't really posted in ages...


  1. glad you are feeling better. good update, and thanks for playing! :)

  2. It is good to hear you are feeling better. It sounds like you two have been having a good time, except for the flu, of course.

  3. Good to "hear" from you again, and glad you're feeling busy and keeping better.

  4. ((hugs)) is hoping that you can kick the crud & soon!

  5. You did a great job! You have been very busy. So sorry you were/are sick with the flu - poor thing, and trying to care for yourself and baby too - not fun at all!!

    I hope you are better - it was nice to see you today. Take care - Kellan

    Hope your hubby is well too!

  6. Great update. I am glad you are feeling better and hopefully the Little Mister will remain healthy.

  7. I'm glad you're feeling better! And, I'm glad to "see" you again...

  8. That's when having a husband deployed is the hardest - when you get sick and you have to still be a parent. I've been there and totally feel your pain!

  9. You poor thing. I just can't imagine. Being mommy and being sick is just the worst. Add to that the fact that your man is so far away, and I can imagine how scary that must have been.
    I hope you are feeling 100% soon and that you get back to enjoying life.

  10. You did an excellent job here.... and yes, you will look back on this, read it, and be amazed it what you've done. Keep writing.

  11. Ack - sickies are no fun. Especially in May.

    Take care!

  12. Flu's are the worst! Hope the Seargant does Ok in Iraq... I'm glad you're keeping busy! I hope you'll share the stitchery when you are done. I used to do cross stitch but stopped when I got tired of battling kittens over the floss. Ugh.

  13. Being sick with the flu is miserable.

    Being sick while trying to care for a toddler is IMPOSSIBLE.

  14. I'm glad you are on the mend. I'm thinking of you, the little Mister and the Sergeant....


  15. My goodness, you've been busy.

    It's awful being that sick with really little ones to take care of. I'm glad you're feeling better.

    For the record, my kids had flu shots this year, and they both got the flu (and me, too). Go figure.