Saturday, December 1, 2007

december is here!!

As I have written before...

I don't like cold.

I don't like snow. (Unless it's on a ski slope, and I'm wearing very warm clothes.)

I don't like ice. (Unless it's a skating rink, ditto the warm clothes.)

But I do like December. Christmastime is magical! To me Christmas has always been about family, doing things like baking cookies together and hanging out around the sparkling tree before bed at night. About helping to decorate the church sanctuary with lights and candles and an Advent wreath. About laughing and smiling and just being together as a family. About my dad coming to me on Christmas Eve with all the presents he needs wrapped. About my brother coming to me on Christmas Eve saying "let's go shopping!" and then buying lots of fun stuff to fill our parents' stockings. About the joyful, candlelight, just-before-midnight Christmas Eve service. Christmas Eve, when we're putting the candles-in-milk jugs (there's a name for those candles, but I can't think of it now) outside around the church, is the only time I don't mind snow (other than on the aforementioned ski slopes).

And once December gets here, it's about anticipation.

I know Christmas is going to be different this year. It's just me, the Sergeant, and the Little Mister. I'm going to miss my family a lot (who will wrap Dad's gifts??! or go shopping with my brother??!) but I am overflowing with excitement at having Christmas with a child. I know the Little Mister won't be that in-tune with what's going on, but I still hope to have special times with him. And of course we'll take lots of pictures (I'll admit, I'm addicted to my camera) so when he's older he'll be able to see pictures of his very first Christmas. He already loves the tree!


  1. I feel the same way about December. I love the anticipation, it makes the cold bearable.

    Cute new colors!

  2. There is nothing like Christmas with little ones running around. (Or, sitting around, if running is not yet to be)! I, too, hate the cold and ice. But December? Love it.

  3. I like snow as long as I am inside and warm. We don't get much here, though. Enjoy your first Christmas as a family of three!

  4. I love it too!! It's just magical...
    Anyway. Trying to catch up since being gone. Thanks for adding me to the blogroll :) :)

  5. luminaries. those lights are luminaries.