Monday, December 10, 2007

meet my kitties: a monday mission

In December of 2002 we got two little kittens. The Sergeant and I were both working full time, so we got two, from the same litter, so they could keep each other company while we were gone during the days. We had just finished reading The Lord of the Rings together (I read them out loud to him), so we named the girls Arwen and Éowyn.

Arwen and Éowyn

In the summer of 2003, friends of ours got married. As a wedding present, we got them a kitten. (Don't worry, we knew they wanted a cat.) The Sergeant was so excited to have a kitten in the house (even though our cats were only about 7 months old!) that he wanted to keep her. I told him no, that we could get another cat in the fall, after we moved.

A few days later I was at the vet's office when I saw a tiny little ball of fur. She was in a cage that said "I need a home!" I called the Sergeant and said, "Can I get a kitten?" He hasn't let me live that down yet.

She was tiny, malnourished, weaned too early. I bottle fed her for a few weeks, until she started chewing through the nipples. She's the sweetest little thing...but if you don't pay attention to her when she wants you to...well...

Sarah-bellum (cerebellum)
...we named her after a part of the brain so she'd have one ;)

We love our kitties. They sure have their own personalities!! Amazingly, they've been great with the Little Mister. They don't much care for the crying, but other than that they almost get along. Things might change when he's mobile, though...!


Princess Éowyn.
I call her princess after the princess and the pea...if there is a pile of blankets, she's on top of it. :)

the Little Mister and Sarah

Today's Monday Mission was to use Photoshop to enhance a post. Unfortunately, when both our computers crashed within days and we had to get a new one, we lost Photoshop (and we can't find the disc). All I had to play with was paint. But it was fun! :)


  1. wow, I think we had those exact kitty thoughts back in my house when we had felines. as I read them I was naming the kitties (zach for "pet me and you can stay..." etc)

    and how big they've gotten! I remember when MQ was a baby and first met your kitties. They were all so small!

    thanks for playing along with the Monday Mission. I'm going to go put you in my linky.

  2. that sure does fit their personalities. I'm sure Little Mister will love them.

  3. You did a ton better than I could have done. I don't know how to enhance photos AT ALL.
    Good job!

  4. Beeeooootiful cats!
    Mine are stupid and pee on stuff. I still love 'em, though.

  5. ha. you're right. i hadn't seen all the writing yet, just the pictures. ;)

  6. Those captions were cute! Very pretty kitties. When I see cute cats like that it almost makes me want one.

  7. Cute kitties! I just wanna pet and cuddle them all! Love the captions too!

  8. The last one, is by far, the favorite one I've seen today! Susiej

  9. Awesome pictures. You did well in Paint :)

    Sorry about the computer crashes -- is that why you've been so quiet lately?


  10. Heidi: Our computers died back in October. I've been on the quiet side these days mostly because I've been busy with Christmas stuff plus baby stuff. I'm trying to keep up, but keep falling w-a-y behind on Google Reader. :)

  11. Using "mark all as read" is freeing sometimes. :)

    My cat is juuuuust starting to get used to Alex. Which is a good thing since he's all mobile and taking off after her all the time.