Saturday, December 8, 2007

random bits of randomness

Last night...

...the Sergeant came home! His unit came home early, and we are very thankful. He and the Little Mister have been making each other laugh all day. It's so fun to watch them together!

And this is the end of being "in the field." Now he'll be home (well, he has to go to work, but he'll be home at night) until they deploy. Which I couldn't tell you when even if I knew (which I don't), but it will likely be sometime in 2008. But we're just thankful for the time we have, and especially that we'll all be together for Christmas.

Comments on Comments

My Wordless Wednesday post a few days ago has 24 comments...the most I've ever gotten. But that's actually not what made me want to was the comments themselves. While I wasn't terribly surprised by the what-a-cutie comments (I love them, though!! Because he is a cutie!!), I was surprised (and a bit amused) that posting cute baby pictures may cause other women to ovulate, or have their ovaries twinge, or to frighten their husbands. The Sergeant was amused as well...I think he sympathizes with Beck's backing away husband. :) (What's really scary is that I saw a tiny-and-new baby at the Globetrotters game Thursday night and had similar thoughts. Let's wait awhile, I think the Sergeant would say. Emphatically.)

My Cat has Fleas!

Do animals get fleas in the winter? I mean, don't they (the fleas, not the animals) die when the weather turns cold? What I really can't figure out, though, is how she got them, since all three of our cats stay inside all the time. Ick! But I saw one crawling on Éowyn's neck today, so that means I get to give all three cats baths tomorrow. It's too bad I don't have Painted Maypole's fancy pulley system for bathing multiple cats...

my sweet Éowyn


  1. There is nothing better than family together for the holidays. Hooray!

  2. I am glad he will be home for your little one's first Christmas. I know in the military it is so hit and miss. Enjoy your time together before he has to go.

  3. Commenting on YOUR comments:

    1. First from my blog - I responded to your comment about signing with babies...I'm sorry it took so long!

    2. I look at babies and start to melt. What's happened to me!

    3. You have a cat named Eowyn! I love that!

  4. I've never had 24 comments ~ but the lil Mister is sure a comment~able guy :)

    Your kitty is pretty too!! I never can take good pics of kitties ~ well done, you!

  5. Oooh, what a great name for a cat.

  6. oh, your pictures definately make me yearn for another.

    don't tell the big guy. ack. i don't even want to hear it.