Monday, December 3, 2007

a monday a roundabout sort of way

Today's Monday Mission is to write a post in the form of a high school note, like one you'd pass in class. My friends and I did a lot of note passing, but we also wrote notes to each other in our journals (as in "give me your journal so I can write to you, I'll give it back to you fourth hour.") I thought I should do some research for my post: this morning I pulled out my old journals.

What a trip!! I did quite a bit of laughing, and even got a bit teary at times. I mostly skipped over things that I wrote, focusing on the notes from my friends, but every once in awhile I remembered a specific date and had to revisit an event.

It was too much to keep to myself. are some glimpses of my high school days.

(note: for today's purposes, I'm using our dwarf nicknames. I realized one Christmas that we all had personality traits that matched up to one of the seven dwarfs, so I'm using those names. I was Dopey by default...all the others were taken, and I didn't really fit any of the dwarfs. My friends might tell you it actually worked out perfectly...but I disagree. Also...Rose Daughter is one of the dwarfs below...but I won't tell which one. ;)

While I was reading today, I realized that most of the time we didn't actually say much of anything...we just found a fun way to say nothing at all:

A note from Happy, gotta love the mirror writing.

A note from Sleepy, in the code she and I created and we all used. Believe it or not, I can still read that without the key. And if you happen to break the (very simple) code, she addressed it to me using yet another nickname, not my real name. ;)

A note from Sneezy using as many colors as possible.

Another note from Sleepy, using what she called "modern King James" language.

Every once in awhile the notes were serious...

A note from Sleepy.

...but most of the time they were just plain silly.

A poem by Bashful, recorded and illustrated by Happy.

A note from Bashful. For a long time instead of saying "anyway" we said "anycows".

A note from another friend, not a dwarf. I had to include it because of the circled "bug guts".

A note from Sneezy. I remember that story she was writing, it was for our typing class. (Note: "Shelly" is another nickname, not at all related to her real name.)

And so, here is a note I wrote today. It's not about current events, it's about something I remember happening (with embellishments, of course) my senior year. To my friend Sneezy...


  1. :) Loved those notes. I have a whole box in my basement that I stumble upon from time to time. Usually when I don't have the time to browse through them, but I browse anyway. Memory lane is putting it mildly...

  2. Wow. That really brings back high school memories. Those are great! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. I'm amazed that you still have all these notes. And secretly envious :)

    What a great walk down memory lane.


  4. loved this!

    and you know, my friend and I passed back "doodle books" - notebooks solely for note writing, and we had more than our fair share of bug guts. Seriously. too funny.

  5. Oh, I love this - how fun and funny! Isn't blogging a lot like this - writing notes back and forth - sometimes silly, sometimes serious?

  6. What a fun post! It makes me think back to writing notes with my best friend in high school. They were always long but didn't really say anything. And the codes and the nicknames, too. Thanks for sharing them!

  7. Cute. What a great idea.
    I not only remember writing those, but I have to clean a half dozen of them out of pockets before I can start the laundry these days.

  8. I think maybe you had a lot more fun in high school than I did.

  9. Oh how I love these! this is so so cute

  10. This was so fascinating. I wish I had kept more of the old notes. Just a bad diary or two.

    And you are really, really young.

  11. That was so fun!! :) I wish I had those notes from high school...

  12. I loved all those notes and that you kept all of them. I love the code ones the most - we used to do that too! And the writing backwards and in circles ... my girls are now doing the same in their notes - and, like us ... not saying much of anything. How fun!!! Take care. Kellan