Monday, December 17, 2007

a sad, sad list: a monday mission

I didn't want to post this Monday Mission. Today's mission is to write a holiday list...and I knew right away what I should write. But it is horribly embarrassing. I am ashamed to even think it. So I've waited until the very last moment, almost literally. Right now it is 11:42 pm. Procrastinator to the finish....

My Holiday To Do List
  • Finish making Christmas cards. (Yes, you read that correctly. On December 17 I have not even finished making my cards.)
  • Type and print inserts for Christmas cards.
  • Address Christmas cards.
  • Mail Christmas cards, hopefully before December 25.
  • Make cookies as gifts for the neighbors.
  • Deliver gifts to neighbors.
  • Make handprint ornaments for the grandparents and great-grandparents.
  • Mail handprint ornaments to the grandparents and great-grandparents. These will most surely be late. (But that's okay, because the Christmas boxes will be late too. Those have actually been mailed...the Sergeant took them to the post office this afternoon.)
  • Figure out what we're doing for Christmas. In September we made tentative plans to visit Switzerland...but I haven't heard from our would-be hostess since then. Guess I should try a little harder to get in touch with her.
  • Not exactly related to Christmas, but...Take the Little Mister's six month pictures. I took a bunch on December 7, but none of them are really "right" I must try again.

Family and friends back home have said, "Oh, but you have a new baby, and your husband has been gone...don't worry about it!" Seriously, though, I could have gotten at least some of this done!

But hey, I did get the Christmas tree put up.


  1. it's so easy to say "don't worry about it" but so hard to do.


    be kind to yourself.

  2. Everyone told me last week, it's okay, you'll get it all done. But I understand, it's frustrating. But take it easy, we all do understand.

  3. Oh, mama... I'm exhausted just reading your list!! Can you get any more on your plate?? Whew!

  4. Bah. Don't be so hard on yourself. I do not have a tree. I do not have presents for my children yet. I do not have a present for my husband yet. I have not sent anything to my parents or my in-laws yet. There are no cookies for the neighbors. The only thing that even hints that Christmas is near is a wreath I hastily hung on the front door. I just finished finals today and I am exhausted. I came back in the gate when I was done and saw the marquee said.."The commissary will be closed Tuesday for Christmas." Somehow saying the name of the weekday makes it seem so much closer. Tuesday? I cried all the way home as I passed houses with lights outside and sparkling trees in their windows. My goal is to get gifts for the kids and make a great Christmas this point anything beyond that will be frosting.

  5. yes. this is why I just typed up the letter and sent it this year. Knew there was no way the cards were happening.

  6. Sheesh! If I hand-made my cards and ornaments I would be way behind too. Go easy on yourself!

  7. Oh I love that I am not alone!!

  8. I'm planning on storebought, no inserts, definitely not typed. And it's still just in the planning stages, so don't feel bad. I'm thinking maybe I will send them for New Years, so my poor little storebought cards won't have to feel all homely next to the cute crafty ones.

  9. My new mantra for this season: Let yourself off the hook for some of this stuff.

  10. I have not finished my Christmas cards, either. Crap. I'm on the edge, though, as evidenced by my latest post.

    Good luck with your list.