Monday, November 12, 2007

everyday comedy: a monday mission

Scene: A slightly cluttered apartment, decorated with baby swing, stuffed animals, board books, and teething rings. A group of four (Baby Boy, Baby Boy's Mom, Toddler Girl, and Toddler Girl's Mom) prepare to go upstairs to another apartment for dinner.

Baby Boy's Mom: Sorry I'm not all ready; I just have to finish packing the diaper bag.

Toddler Girl's Mom: Oh, you're fine! I remember these days. Do you need any help?

Toddler Girl: We go my house for dinner!

Baby Boy's Mom: Yes, we're going to your house for dinner. [to Toddler Girl's Mom] No, I think I've got it, just have to put everything into the bag.

Baby Boy's Mom puts various bibs, burp cloths, bottles, and diapers into a diaper bag. Baby Boy makes various baby noises. Toddler Girl giggles.

Baby Boy's Mom: Okay, I think that's it, we just have to carry everything upstairs now.

Toddler Girl's Mom: [picks up a bag and a pan] I'll take this.

Toddler Girl: [walks over to Baby Boy, puts her arms around him] I'll take this.

Much laughter...

* * * * * * * * *

Today's Monday Mission, hosted by Painted Maypole, is to write a post in the form of a script/dialog. This actually did happen last week; we couldn't stop laughing about that one. The toddler girl was so sure she was going to carry the Little Mister upstairs! I asked her to help by carrying a burp cloth instead. She was satisfied. :)


  1. What a helpful little girl :)

    Excellent Monday Mission!


  2. This was very entertaining! I can just picture it ;)

  3. Well done! I think we can all picture ourselves in that exact moment!

    Using My Words

  4. Cute script. I love the picture of him with the stuffed toys. Are you doing a new one regularly to mark his growth? Might I recommend doing so, if you aren't already? I have pics of my kids each year by the same stuffed animals... it's AMAZING to see the difference!

  5. what, you didn't trust a toddler to carry your precious baby up a flight of stairs? yeeeshh... over-protective.


    Thanks for playing along!

  6. I love a sweet little helper! Cute script - see ya.

  7. She sounds like The Baby, who is certain that all small babies belong to her.

  8. That really was oh so cute. :) The visual is quite funny!

  9. Shoot, I was going to put the Boy on carrying detail. Is this wrong??

  10. So cute! I liked to your blog from "A Military Family Blog" and just wanted to say hello from one military wife to another. I'll be reading! :)

  11. That is adorable! I can so picture that scene!