Thursday, November 1, 2007

trick-or-treating is wonderful.


It must have been the crisp night air...but this is what the Little Mister did after trick-or-treating, when we stopped to take pictures in the neighbor's apartment:

He slept for two hours. I woke him up, changed him, gave him a bottle, and put him to bed.

He slept for eleven more hours!!! With no two am feeding (something new he's been trying for the past week-ish).

Can we have Halloween every night? ;)


  1. So cute - 11 hours?! Certainly a good evening for you. See ya.

  2. You should bottle him and never let him grow up....

  3. So sweet!

    Nightly Trick or Treating-I'll bet you could work something out with your neighbors.

    What is Halloween like in Germany?

  4. amanda: I keep telling him to stop growing up. But he doesn't listen. *tear*

    emily: Halloween in Germany...I don't really know. Because I live on an Army post it's basically the same as in the States!

  5. adorable is he?!

    And here's to another good night's sleep :)


  6. Halloween every night? I don't know--I'm not sure I could handle THAT myself! But extra sleep? That's wonderful...

  7. OMG! I will totally leave my kid out in the night air if it gets this much sleep out of them! We did take him out to the park this evening. Somehow I don't think the 5 minutes outside will be the same.

  8. Halloween every night, I can't imagine Crazy Daughter going crazy, with lots of sugar, every night.

    Glad he slept so well for you. I hope you got some rest too.

  9. Woohoo! 11 hours of sleep after a nap? That is a treat.

    And what a cute picture.

  10. Wow! Eleven hours! And could you go to sleep again after he didn't wake up for his nightly feeding?

    As for Halloween in Germany, there isn't any. For the last years there have been two or three children dressing up and coming to our door but this year there was nothing.